enabling 4-way scrolling in enyo.List

I'm building a flexible table (reorder/resize columns, sorting, collapsing row sub-groups, etc). I cannot use because I need IE8 support and it does funny things when you add/remove rows, so I'm generating a div-based table. No issue, the performance is good even with the hundreds of thousands of cells I'm displaying.

The issue is that I cannot see any columns that stretch to the right of the table (I cannot scroll both horizontally and vertically). enyo.List extends the enyo.Scroller class which supports 4-way scrolling, but List itself does not (I'm thinking this is because of item swipability).

How can I enable 4-way scrolling without rewriting all of enyo.List?


  • You might be able to wrap the list in a scroller with vertical: "hidden", and then have the list be a vertical list.
  • hey man, how's your flexible table going?

  • I'm looking for something like a flexible table (reorder/resize columns, sorting, collapsing row sub-groups, etc). Any one any pointers?
  • I've been using DataTables, but it requires jquery. I don't think an enyo one exist.
  • We've been doing quite a bit of work around lists and view virtualization for Enyo 2.6. It will eventually be very helpful for use cases like these, but it's a work in progress and what ships with 2.6.0 will not probably meet your needs out of the box. In the meantime, we'd certainly be interested in hearing any more input you have on specific requirements.
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