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Everything has been great with Enyo and I have some suggestions.

1. The documentation part doesn't seem to catch up at times. The API viewer is very useful to search swiftly through the kinds, properties, events and everything but it is still on 2.4.0. Methods and properties like addSources, defaultSource were changed but the alternatives were not addressed.

2. It would be great if Enyo gets a flat design treatment. I can use bootstrap classes but I think a flat UI library would make more sense than the current WebOS-ish Onyx library.

3. Android-ish toast kinds.


  • Toaster:
    {name: 'prefToaster', kind: 'onyx.Popup', autoDismiss: false, style: 'bottom: 0; right: 0;', components: [
    				{name: 'prefToasterQuestion', content: ' ', style: 'margin-bottom: 10px'},
    				{name: 'prefToasterYesBtn', kind: 'onyx.Button', content: $L('Yes'), ontap: 'prefToasterTap'},
    				{kind: 'onyx.Button', content: $L('No'), ontap: 'prefToasterTap', style: 'float: right;'}
  • Thanks @reeder29. So no one has comments on other points?
  • Not speaking for the team here but my reaction -

    1. We definitely want the documentation up to date. I had thought that everything was up to but perhaps @RoySutton can confirm that for me. If you see specific features that need some love, let us know and we'll get that in our queue.

    2. I'm not aware of anything in the pipeline for a new 'theme' for the onyx control set. It's not our top priority right now but I'd be interested in what you think that might look like.

    3. As @reeder29 demonstrated, you can achieve that type of behavior with Popups. Are there any unique requirements that you feel either can't be fulfilled with Popups or would be better abstracted by the framework, let us know!
  • Our documentation is current with I'm a little curious about the reference to the API viewer. The API viewer itself didn't make the transition from 2.4 to 2.5, so it's not used anymore. The latest documentation is available here:
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    @theryanjduffy @RoySutton : Thanks for the response. Searching through API Viewer is fast and simple. It would be really helpful if the documentation had a global search.

    About the 'theme' for onyx controls, I would really love if Enyo components looked this way

    I've tried Ionic and the theme looks great. Flat colors and material design. I can use the components right away with very few changes. Also, I really like how Ionic has very minimal Javascript usage and DOM manipulation.
  • It's shouldn't be too hard to create either a new widget set based on Onyx or to create a CSS override file for Onyx that applies those styles. There is a section on theming here: For some reason that's not showing up in our developer guide but we'll fix that.
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