Newbie: Backend suggestions for Enyo 2.5.1 data

I am not a professional developer and only write code for my own company's use but I want to keep open the possibility that I would open-source these projects to share with other organizations.
I was originally planning on writing my own php to provide access to mysql data for my Enyo app. I have no experience with php frameworks, but I have recently started poking into some (laravel, slim) with the thought that the use of one would potentially have several benefits over my very rudimentary php skills: better security, builtin auth and session handling, ease of producing html output for admin features and reporting that might only live outside the enyo app, possibility of mailserver integration.
I am hoping for some feedback on php (or node or other) backend schemes that might play nice with the Enyo 2.5.1 data layer. For instance I don't yet understand enough about laravel's activerecord ORM to know if it is a good match for Enyo 2.5.1s new data layer. My app would be used internally by small organizations, so it doesn't need to support large numbers of concurrent users and the data is rather hierarchical with lots of 1-to-many table relations that the Enyo frontend will drill into e.g.:
I have done a little looking into document stores, but think I will stick with mySQL because I have an easier time understanding how to pull the reporting I'll want from a RDBMS.
So, I'm hoping for some responses from folks that have some successes or gotchas or guidance for backend options with Enyo 2.5.1
-Thanks for reading.


  • If you know JavaScript and don't know any backend languages or frameworks, I reccommend you use Node.js. You can use your JavaScript knowledge, and a single server can be used efficiently. While accounts, session handling are not built in, there is a rich ecosystem of modules - you can almost certainly find a good match for your needs. The node Google group is helpful. The one downside of using Node is: no handholding. You have to be a self-starter.
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