How to set an onyx.Input focused automatically when rendered inside an onyx.popup.

Hi, I have this little problem, I made a popup that diplays a calculator, everything works well except the fact that when the popup is shown I would like the focus on the Input so the user can type on it as soon as the calculator appears in case he doesn't want to use the virtual buttons. I tried setting the inputDecorator's alwaysLooksFocused to true, then I set the input's defaultFocus true, but nothing happened, in the first try it just made the input look focused as I knew later that was it's purpose (I know it was pretty obvious). So can anyone help me to do this?.


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    Hi there, can you do something like this to programmatically focus the input after the popup is shown?
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    Thanks for the quick answer! that works but the problem is that the popup doesn't really know that it has an input inside, actually it doesn't know there's a calculator. I had already thought about this solution but the thing is that I am using a function that creates an onyx popup, that popup has three parts, header, content and footer. The function receives as parametter whatever you want to place inside the content, so I placed the calculator, I am going to use this function all over the project I'm working so I shouldn't change it's structure just for this case so, is there any way to focus the input that doens't need to be done after calling the onShow handler? I am pretty new to enyo so I tried calling this focus function inside the input's create function without success.
  • While it's possible to do what you're trying to do, I would recommend creating kinds for each type of popup rather than injecting components at runtime. That would be the more "enyo way" of doing it and I think you'll find that easier to maintain and debug in the long run as well.

    Here's an adaptation of Aaron's code:
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    Hey, in my context your example didn't work. Both the popup and the calculator are separated kinds and when I put the function showing
    changed, it is not called for some reason, I think because calculator does not extend onyx.Popup in my case. Even so I searched for a function that is called when a control is rendered and I found "rendered", this function is called but the focus() method isn't focusing anything but if I render only the calculator without any popup it does work, I've been thinking maybe a solution would be passing as parametter a callback that's received by the createpopup function then setting it as the onshow handler, this callback would call input.focus(). But I wanted to use that as a last choice. Any other idea? Thanks a lot for the help.
  • Could you create a jsfiddle that reproduces your scenario?
  • here it is, I tried to simplify it as much as I could.
  • I've adapted your fiddle to the method I described above. Hope it helps!
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