Enyo changed being called more than once

I am using a data repeater with a collection so when the collection is updated new items are created but the scoreChanged is being called 4 times for each record i don't know why?
(BTW the code is in coffeesript)

_.forEach response.scores, (score) =>
@scoreCollection.add {score: score}

name: 'ScoreList'
kind: 'enyo.DataRepeater'
components: [
components: [
name: 'ScoreListItem'
kind: 'ScoreListItem'

bindings: [
from: '.model.score'
to: '.$.ScoreListItem.score'

name: 'ScoreListItem'
kind: 'FittableColumns'
score: ''

scoreChanged: ->
Logger.log "score Changed"


  • I don't see anything obviously wrong. I put together a working example based on your code that doesn't exhibit the behavior. Hopefully it helps narrow down your issue.

  • Thanks.. for the help i solved it the problem was i was having a single kind with a collection which was being sub kinded by 3 other components and all of them were referencing the same collection so each time the score changed was being called 4 times..
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