Dynamic keyframes code.


So i've made a small library that will allow you to change keyframes dynamically to allow for better performance on mobile devices.

I've targeted most of the work for android. I was trying to get the best performance possible. I tried smoothpanels and it does work pretty well, but i needed something more flexible.

I based my app off of mostly the Slideable control, as that seems to have the best overall response.

With the change to using keyframes instead of the animator, it is like night and day on Android.

Here is the github link:


There are a couple samples in there, as well as a modified Slideable that uses translate3d as well as keyframe animation.

Please note this won't work on a standard browser due to security reasons, but if you load a browser up with those off you will be able to see the samples in the browser.

This shouldn't be an issue with cordova apps.

I haven't much tested this cross platform, but i did try to build with it in mind.
On Android, the performance gains are insane.

On BB10 however, i have found that this method actually slows things down.

Would like to know how it works on other platforms if you get the chance.

This is the app i used it in:

That is the paid version, as i haven't quite finished the free release yet.


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