Enyo version - Git newbie

Hi Enyo Folks,
I'm confused by the git instructions for cloning enyo...

I'd like to clone the bootplate with current 2.4 - which I glean to be 2.4.0-pre.3

git clone --recursive https://github.com/enyojs/bootplate.git
Pulls a nice bootplate structure, but if I peek into \bootplate\enyo\package.json it shows
    "name": "enyojs",
    "filename": "enyo.js",
    "version": "2.3.0",
The CHANGELOG.md that comes down includes a section for 2.4.0-pre.3.
Is this simply a case of that package.json file being out of sync?

My apologies for my non-existent GIT skills, but I'd love a little clarification.


  • This might in fact be an out-of-sync package.json file, thanks for pointing that out! Can you check your enyo version by running the bootplate app and running enyo.version in your console to verify your version, or open up enyo/source/boot/version.js and see what it says in there? And FYI, bootplate is pointing to enyo 2.4.0-pre.3 but official 2.4.0 has been released - you can grab this version by checking out the 2.4.0 tag via git checkout tags/2.4.0 in your enyo directory.
  • edited May 2014
    Thanks Aaron, I'll give that git command a shot. The bootplate I cloned earlier shows:
    enyo.version = {
    	enyo: "2.4.0"
    In the /enyo/source/boot/version.js

    Back to the git command you gave me, is that roughly equivalent to the upgrade/downgrade command shown on the get Enyo page?
    git submodule foreach git checkout 2.4.0

    -Thanks again, I was hoping to NOT have to learn much about GIT, but it's confusing when there are several different ways to get from A to B...
  • Ah ok, I've gone ahead and created a task to update package.json. Yes that is the equivalent command to the one you found on the Get Enyo page, just applied to a single repo. To keep all your libraries in sync, you should probably use the command from that page. :)
  • Hi, just getting back to this, Enyo Bootplate appears to be pointing to the official 2.4.0 releases already. The CHANGELOG just contains updates for various pre-release items along the path to 2.4.0.
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