Added Firefox OS support to the deploy tool

Hey Folks,

Firefox OS is like a simpler webOS. Deploy applications to it is very easy, it basically requires a file called manifest.webapp which is similar in purpose to appinfo.json on webOS. This file holds the application name, icons, permission requests and more.

It was pretty tedious to keep copying this by hand everytime I run the deploy script. For a while I used automation tools such as volo and gulp to do this and other tasks but today I decided I should just add the support for that into the deploy tools.

This is my first pull request to the Enyo Bootplate repo so I tried to keep it small and I hope I did everything correctly. If I did something wrong, I apologise in advance.

Those wanting to know more about Firefox OS app development can download the free ebook I wrote about it at:

Enyo 2.x works great on Firefox OS and I use it for all my apps.



  • Thanks! I've never made time to submit my FxOS tweaks (which are probably out of date, anyway).
  • @andregarzia One of your posts prompted me to install the FirefoxOS simulator and I'm now very interested, so thanks for that!
    I want to ask about this support you've added to deploy. Does this mean that deploy will now always produce a manifest.webapp or is there a flag or other config to make it happen? This also inspires me to wonder if I can make deploy add an appinfo.json for legacy webOS... since I also tire of copying one into the deploy folder prior to running palm-package.
  • Yes, developing on Firefox OS is nice and easy.

    Have you tried Ubuntu? They have an example HML5 wrapper for apps, but I found it kind of a mess and didn't work too well.
  • edited March 2014
    Looks like the project has a genfsmanifest.js file, looks like it's invoked by the script. So there still appears that you'll need to manually build the script to generate the manifest, but it'll save some work. Could probably write something that recursively walks the source directory.
  • @bbito‌ you need to create your own manifest.webapp and place it next to index.html, what the deploy tool will do is make sure it is copied over when you build your minified version. This is the same thing it does to appinfo.json.

    @pcimino‌ as far as I know, the deploy tool doesn't generate appinfo.json. On Firefox OS the manifest.webapp file is usually created by hand. Its a very simple file.
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