Enyo Cordova Bootplate

Hey there,

I set up a few hybrid apps for customers in the last weeks and was annoyed to do the same setup again. I thought it's time for a Bootplate containing both Enyo and Cordova so you can start coding straight away.

This is all work in progress and not thoroughly tested, so you're welcome to contribute in any way.

The code is here:

What is included?
- a small setup script (so you can add platforms and/or plugins to your project)
- hook for Enyo deployment
- hook to add build version to platforms
- hook to copy ressources to platforms
- hook to add custom code to platforms (not only to www folder like Cordova's merges do)
- a mock implementation of the Cordova lib for testing in desktop browser, but sorry this is far from complete

Project structure inside the src folder is derived from Enyo Bootplate, but not directly taken from there but from a project i did, so there might be some changes not necessary in order to work with Cordova.

Any feedback is welcome :)


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