List reordering

Current DataList implementation lacks items reordering support. Will this be implemented in the final release?


  • This isn't currently in the plans for 2.4.0, and we don't have it on our long-term schedule right now. The model for reordering tends to be very UI-specific, so I think we really need a bit of a rethink of how this should work, as the current model implemented in enyo.List is very complicated and also very touch-centric, something that's not great for UIs like the television.
  • Does it mean that I should use conventional Enyo.List in case if I need reordering?

    And in light of Enyo sloping towards TVs how reliable this project for mobile and desktop? I mean starting development of new application I still can choose Enyo and be sure it will not be abandoned in future?
  • I'd stick with standard enyo.List if you need reordering right now.

    While it's true that our focus has been TV for the last year, we're in the middle of preparing a whole-ecosystem focused 2.4.0 release, and a lot of our planning has been around refreshing our touch-focused UI to match a lot of the features we brought to the big-screen experience.
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    One thing I used to do in Backbone was to use a decorator to watch one collection and create a derivative collection that would be filtered, or sorted, or grouped etc. Perhaps something similar could be implemented for Enyo collections.

    If the collection itself is ordered or filtered or whatever, the list doesn't really need to implement any of those features itself. Which is probably a good thing, because datalists are be a complicated beast as it is.

    Another benefit of using a decorator pattern, is that you can combine multiple decorators, for instance to create lists that are filtered, sorted and grouped.
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