What is the standard way of providing user feedback on images?

I am using Enyo to create a cross platform mobile application where user feedback is extremely important, I have my layout sorted and I have added some nice images and user interactions.

However what they lack is user feedback.

So for example I have images where the user presses them and an action happens but the image doesn't change colour or highlight to let the user know they have touched/pressed it. Similarly I have a menu with fittable rows where the user can click on, when they do so an action occurs but the row doesn't highlight to provide user feedback that it has been touched/pressed.

I was wondering if there is a standard or best practice approach to implementing this in Enyo? Or do I need to look into standard CSS for this?


  • There is a control that has a tapHighlight param (i think its Item), but when i need to add it to something, i listen of ondown, and apply a css class that will show user feedback, and then use a timeout to remove the class.
    You could also remove on onup or ontap, but sometimes the class can get stuck on if those events dont end up firing.
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