emocean.me site is finally live

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So the emocean.me site is finally live with a database. Email is setup for user signup. The app is on emocean.me domain and points to the backend REST server; REST is running on Nodejs along with MongoDB all on an AWS micro instance. The code links are on the "About this Demo" page.

Okay, so this is a flawed proof of concept. The idea is to see if the Enyo MVC framework can be used for a website. There are a lot of challenges that still have to be sorted out
  • Built templates for different users (guest, authenticated, admin) but this necessitated a lot of dynamic Enyo.Kind creation which leads to a lot of complexity.
  • The Captcha is a proof of concept (can be hacked through the console) and doesn't talk to the server yet. The Text Captcha is less of a proof and more of a concept, it works, but it's confusing and hideous.
  • Only looks good in Chrome. Firefox was working, now FF and IE look awful.
  • Some issues clearing client session data (F5 is your friend).
  • Views/controllers are using the enyo.Ajax kinds, need to put some ModelControllers in between the view code and the AJAX.
  • My V1 REST server APIs are a bit ugly and inconsistent.
And the AJAX modules are pretty well structured with the Parent handling most of the housekeeping (but I think I can do more with standardizing responses).

It's not all bad. I feel I succeeded with a proof of concept. The idea was to create a turnkey website with the following features:
  • User management: Signup with Captcha, Reset Password, Verify Email
  • Banner messages from the Sys Admin to all users
  • Terms & Conditions that need to be accepted before using the site
  • Intra-site messaging between users with archiving
  • REST Backend and MongoDB


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