Future use of Cordova with Enyo for webos

Ben wrote:
We also quitely open sourced a couple of other libraries:

https://github.com/enyojs/enyo-webos - this is a webOS-specific support library
https://github.com/enyojs/enyo-cordova - this is the heavier-weight fork of Cordova 2.7 that we've been maintaining, which includes the webOS support code that the main Cordova has dropped. It uses our maintained fork at https://github.com/webOS-DevRel/cordova-js.
Thanks !!

Now I wonder how can we make use of Cordova with Enyo for packaging webos apps and other.
Today I use Cordova (PhoneGap) build infrastructure via online web access. This is also integrated in the latest Ares 0.2.11 release. But for webos platform the PhoneGap online support is very limited. :( I think version 2.5 or 2.7 was the last that supported webos (so far).

When using Enyo 2.4 and later - what is the right approach to build apps (with Cordova) for existing platforms like Android, WP, ... and also for the webos platforms:
- for future LG webos devices (like TV)
- for legacy HP webos devices (like TouchPad)
- for future open webos apps
Are these webos platforms all covered by the released enyo-cordova enyo-webos libs?
How to make use of these? Would one do local builds or is there some online build service?
Will phonegap again offer webos builds with future versions (making use of the above libs) - now that webos is back on the market with LG TV (and other)?


  • We've tried our best to continue to support webOS 2 and later with our Cordova and enyo-webos changes. However, testing has primarily been on the TV platform.
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    OK - Thanks ! :)

    What about: How to make use of these?
    Would one do local builds or is there some online build service?
    Will we find information how to setup a local Cordova build environment?
  • Yeah, this is really just for local builds. I don't know of a PhoneGap-build type service that would use our repo.
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