Our Ares2 version 0.2.11 is released today.

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Hello Ares Users,

Our QA team did not give us the green light to publish Ares version 0.2.10. So, 0.2.10 was skipped.

This decision was due to all collateral issues generated by a major refactoring done inside Ares to improve file and project switching while the designer is opened.

All KNOWN issues regarding this refactoring SHOULD be fixed in this latest version 0.2.11.
Like the previous versions, our focus was on improving the stability & usability of the IDE.

Main elements we have focused on, are:
1. Improve file and project switching while designed is opened,
2. Fix Cors issues,
3. PhoneGap build enhancements (cont'd)
4. Project settings enhancement
... etc.

As usual, upgrade your Ares 2 using:
npm update ares-ide

...or install it using:
npm install ares-ide

Top-level details are available from https://npmjs.org/package/ares-ide or https://github.com/enyojs/ares-project/blob/master/README.md.


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    Thanks for the new release. I was able to install without issue.

    => Privacy Policy: Last updated December 20, 2013

    But when running the new version I could not connect to my PhoneGap Build account using my existing Adobe ID. When clicking on the Ares button "Check" after a few seconds it just returns an "unauthorized" error. Ares console prints:
    ares http phonegap POST /phonegap/token? 401 915ms - 12b
    ares http phonegap
    ares WARN phonegap bdPhoneGap WARN BdPhoneGap#getToken() Unauthorized
    ares WARN phonegap bdPhoneGap WARN BdPhoneGap#errorHandler#_respond(): HTTP Error: Unauthorized
    ares WARN phonegap bdPhoneGap WARN BdPhoneGap#errorHandler#_respond():     at new HttpError (C:\Users\xxx\node_modules\ares-ide\hermes\lib\httpError.js:11:8)
    ares WARN phonegap bdPhoneGap WARN BdPhoneGap#errorHandler#_respond():     at Bd PhoneGap. (C:\Users\xxx\node_modules\ares-ide\hermes\bdPhoneGap.js:147:24)
    Strange - in my web browser I was able to login at PhoneGap and I could browse my app folders. (Somehow I was still logged in - and did not need to reenter my password.)

    But then I decided to log out from the PhoneGap site and again to log in.
    Now an error dialog appeared and I now I was asked to accept new terms of Use:
    Could not authorize you because "Adobe Terms".
    Adobe General Terms of Use
    Last updated October 16, 2012. Replaces the May 7, 2012 version in its entirety.
    Privacy Policy: Last updated December 20, 2013
    .. ...
    [x] I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (UPDATED).
    Now I accepted the new terms and I was in again.

    After this procedure also the Ares PhoneGap Build Check did work fine without any issues.

    I think the Ares "unauthorized" error message should be improved to give hints about visiting the PhoneGap website in a browser to log out and log in again (and accept the terms of use).
    I think the Ares Accounts dialog for PhoneGap Build should offer an additional button next to the "Check" button to "Open PhoneGap Build in a browser" or put the PhoneGap Icon here.
    Such a button would be helpful anyway because this is easier to understand than clicking on your account details screen to open that website what you can do today.

    I think I better submit a Jira defect against Ares for this.
  • Martin, yes, open a JIRA. Thx.
  • OK - opened a new Jira: https://enyojs.atlassian.net/browse/ENYO-3832

    Can some one change this thread to appear as the new Ares "Annoucement" and perhaps drop the "Announcement" tag from the old Ares version thread:

  • Updated announcement statuses.
  • Pls, how can I get an Ares2 Binary files(*.zip) ?
  • Try the Git hub page https://github.com/enyojs/ares-project all the source code and README.md are there
  • microtech_mi,
    I need a .zip file for each or combined.
  • The link for a zip is there at the bottom of the right-hand column of the main github page. Here's the URL copied today:
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