Package a Phonegap-Android app to support BB Playbook?

edited February 2012 in Packaging Apps
the time is running up to submit an app to Blackberry for a free playbook. My problem is that the only Windows PC I can acces for development is totally messed up and half of the needed SDK stuff fails. RIM doesn't support Linux as a dev platform.

I already tried another one of my apps on the Touchpad with CM9 via Erupnus Howto (Elclipse) before. Since I will need enyo and phonegap (to search contacts on the playbook), I thought I will just port my app to Android and then use RIMs online repackaging tools.

Did someone do that successfully already?

I tried to repackage my first Android-Phonegap attempt online and it said 'not compatible'! It was done with android 4.0.3 as target platform. Before I start porting my app now: What android version should I use as target?

Thanks for your help



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