Just a thought for Ben and team about Enyo and Kendo UI

On my current project, we are using Kendo UI for heavy data grids and enyo for DOM/Object/MVVM/Event management. Enyo's touch is so light that it doesn't interfere with Kendo at all. In fact, we dispatch some of the Kendo events to enyo for enyo to handle. Unlike DOM heavy libraries like Angular that kill Kendo use, enyo easily supports Kendo.

Has the enyo team considered partnering with the Kendo UI group to build some cross-framework wrappers/bridges? I think it would be a great partnership for both sides.


  • That's a great suggestion. I chatted with a Kendo rep at SXSW a couple of years ago when they first launched, but hadn't really come back to look at their work.
  • The kendo grids and list views are very powerful, and like Enyo depend on vanilla browser functionality. Using enyo's dispatch model we were able to enhance the Kendo functionality by allowing events to propogate beyond the Kendo element. It's pretty neat.
  • How do you use Kendo with Enyo?
    How to reuse Kendo "components"?
    Do you create/derive Enyo kinds that use Kendo elements as implementation detail?
    Do you have any code samples you could share to illustrate your use ?

    Say - you want to create an Excel like app: Use Kendo grids for displaying the table of cells. Define some Enyo kind "sheet" that represents one Excel sheet. So you have several such Enyo kind "sheet" instances to have all the Excel sheets and you add some app menu with additional Enyo controls.
  • That is definitely possible, with the app working as a workbook. The kendo grid comes with automatic filtering and ordering, so most the Excel functionality that people use is immediately available. An example of the interaction would be changing sheets.

    Enyo could be set to listen for the click event from the Kendo grid via the dispatch function. When the click occurs, Enyo could replace the current view with the other sheet and provide the data source for the new grid. Then, kendo would reload its data source using the enyo provided one to show the next grid.

    I'll see if I can find any good examples, or put something together.
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    Thanks @dsposin !
    Would be great to see such examples.
    Also what would work better with Kendo grids instead of using the new Enyo DataGridList ? It displays at http://nightly.enyojs.com/latest/sampler. Unfortunately the source code for the DataGridList example still does not display at the sampler (ENYO-3309).
  • While we fix ENYO-3309, just navigate to http://nightly.enyojs.com/latest/sampler/enyo/samples/ to directly view the code, or look in the github enyojs/enyo repo.
  • update: just submitted fix for the sampler problem for review
  • @unwiredben - thanks for the workaround and the quick fix!
    Now the nightly sampler works again with source view and the jsfiddle also works well.
    THANKS !!!
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