Phonegap dropped webOS support?

I know, this is new and fresh enyo 2 which is independent of old dying webOS...

A year ago there were some discussion in the webos-ports channel and also on this board which gave the impression that you enyo guys propose phonegab to be the best way to support legacy webOS stuff. Also I had the impression sometimes that you are in contact with them to improve things a bit... So now I'm a bit disappointed that webOS support was dropped in 2.7.0 already, as it seems.

Is there any intention to get webOS support (even for new open webos) into phonegap again? I know that you are probably not the right guys to talk to... I'm just asking because I had the impression you'd be working together with the cordova people, last year.



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    The Enyo team has been maintaining a WIP fork of Cordova at, so it's not abandoned, just brought in-house. This is based on 2.7.0, but at some point in the future we'll try to upgrade it to the current Cordova code base.

    We still talk with the Cordova team, but they don't have the bandwidth to support platforms that aren't being actively requested by developers. While webOS is still alive, there's no shipping product with it right now, which is why they've stopped their own support.
  • So what are our current options to use PhoneGap remote build service for creating ENYO2 webos apps for existing webos hardware (TouchPad 3.0.5 and Pre 2.2.4) ?
    If remote build service is not an option - how to do the webos builds locally?
  • That's a good question. Are you speaking just about using Ares? Since on webOS, Cordova is just a JS library that you include, you can just use the basic palm-package tool to build apps.
  • I try using Ares2 for Enyo2 apps on webos and I still struggle a bit with the PhoneGap remote build service. (timeouts on the free PhoneGap account, minimal app size is about 8 MByte as it includes some debug option, all platforms are build at all times although I asked for webOS only. )

    With bootplate the deploy.bat/sh takes care about building webos app.
    I try to follow the description

    Would be nice to see that blog post updated to the current situation. ;)

    Can we (open webos folks) take care about adding support for webOS with newer PhoneGap versions ? Somehow contribute that support from the community?
  • What I am currently doing is to use the cordova.js file from the 2.7.0 phongap zip. Just load it in your index.html...

    I think somewhere there was the tip to copy it into the assets folder. That way the minify script will just copy it, too.
    But I usually have a script to copy the appinfo.json into the deploy folder and then do palm-package. I use that script to copy the cordova.js file, too.
  • You can also just add it to your deploy.json file inside the "assets" array. You do not need to put it inside the assets folder.
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