IOS7 changes and how some of these will affect us


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    i tested some app i wrote, it seems the resizer is acting weirdly when IOS7 keyboard juts out (but only on phonegap 3.0). uh - oh o.O;
  • Yes, I saw that article. The lack of full-screen support is a problem. I don't personally have an iOS7 device to try anything out on yet, but some in the main SVL office do.
  • I haven't seen any issues at the moment other than the status bar overlaying the top 20px or so of our app.

    But that should be a quick fix with some CSS.

    This is with Phonegap 3.0.

    Other than that things are looking pretty good.
  • I have seen my app either not work properly or crash safari. I even had it crash the ios and reboot itself.

    I've been having iOS issues before with about 30% of my iOS users having safari crash but iOS 7 seems to be having even more issues....
  • for now, im compiling my current project back to ios 6.0 binaries (i managed to backup the sdk folder b4 updating), and use cordova 2.5(ios 6.0 project structure) to rebuild the project. Set back xcode 5 to use 6.1 sdk for time being.

    It seems the problem is at phonegap side only, not the stock browser. Something to do with the keyboard juts out, normally it auto focus and doesnt affect the view port size but after ios7 and using phone gap 3.0 the keyboard is affecting the overall height. Enyo, resulting resize handlers to fire but the height remained permanent after that. Meaning the screen remained chopped into half. It's nightmarish O.o;
  • latest phonegap/cordova 3.1 is out it says in log fixed a lot of bugs. Havent tried it yet myself. Havent tested it yet. I'll do a test by this Tuesday.
  • I had some issues using Phonegap 3.1's fix for the status bar and while it seemed to work on making the content move down, but when rotating things started not working properly.

    For now we just pushed down 20px using CSS and our apps have been functioning properly in iOS 7.
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