ares-ide 0.2.4 is out

Available from;

To install, run:
$ npm -d install ares-ide

If you want to update your ares-ide to the latest published version, run:
$ npm -d update ares-ide

ChangeLog Brief (essentially bug fixes due regressions) :
- fix regression on Project Properties: when creating a new project, _sometimes_ the project description
(name, id, title... etc) are reverted to their default values before being saved to disk. Same problem was affecting the user-set PhoneGap Build properties, such as permissions & signing-keys selection.
- strong focus on big fixes and stability around code editor and designer.

To report issues and/or vote for existing ones at (component: ares).

- We still have drap and drop issues using IE, FF browsers. It works fine using Chrome either on Windows 7, Linux and MAC OS/X.
- Pay attention to the KNOWN-BUGS log before to play with Ares IDE.


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