Pickers not working properly on Windows phone 8

I encountered following problem on Windows Phone 8:

* Click the pickerbutton, the options show as usual
* The bug occurs when clicking (or trying to scroll) on an option underneath which is another button. (The picker option does cover the control underneath.)
* When you click such an option, the picker loses focus and closes without changing value. (Just like it would act when you click on a spot on the screen without any controls in it.)

This bug only occurs on Windows Phone emulator (as an app and when visiting the site on the host machine) and on a windows phone device (as an app, not tested visiting the website).

The exact same code works perfectly fine on:
iOS (as app in emulator and as app on an iPad)
Android (as app in emulator and as app on a Galaxy S3)
Windows 8 virtual machine (as website)


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