0.2.3 is out


  • Good catch... Glad to see that someone noticed it ;-)

    Nothing was published since 0.2.1, which was a summer half-baked toy (many fixes, but too many regressions). Sadly, 0.2.2 was in the same state. We will compile a decent ChangeLog. Right now, I can tell you that a number of long-standing usability & stability issues were fixed.

    More to come tomorrow morning/PST.
  • As noticed (sorry for the delay) [email protected] is out and available from npmjs.org; https://npmjs.org/package/ares-ide.

    To install, run:
    $ npm -d install ares-ide

    If you want to update your ares-ide to the latest published version, run:
    $ npm -d update ares-ide

    ChangeLog Brief (essentially bug fixes due regressions) :
    - bug fixes and enhancements about Phonegap build,
    - bug fixes about Project file management,
    - bug fixes about drag & drop either in File management and Designer, and,
    - enhancement about Ares IDE UI

    As usual, we encourage you to report issues and/or vote for existing ones at https://enyojs.atlassian.net/browse/ENYO (component: ares).

    - We still have drap and drop issues using IE, FF browsers. But it works fine using Chrome either on Windows 7, Linux and MAC OS/X.
    - Pay attention to the KNOWN-BUGS log before to play with Ares IDE.
  • You forgot to mention it also now runs on the latest version of node which makes life a lot simpler, well it does for me :)
  • Would be great to read about new Ares releases on the Enyo page. I think right now it is not even mentioned there.

    Are there any plans to promote Ares? I do not use it right now, but I somehow liked it in Enyo 1 days. ;)
  • You are ares-0.2.3 is running either with node 0.8.x (x>=21) and the latest 0.10.x.
  • @inta Good point. Next ares version will be also announced on the ENYO page .
  • @wal, it also works on the Linux distros we know about by default (no need for the export TMP startup hack). Not sure it is of any help for you, but it caused some frustrations in the past.
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