What are the HTML 5 features available to an enyo app

I have these questions about how HTML 5/javascript framework based apps in general and enyo in particular execute.

The aim:

I am trying to develop an app which will play audio pieces in different formats. I have seen a couple of different javascript libraries that will help me do this through HTML 5 audio tag, Web Audio API and flash.

As per the descriptions of the libraries, the use of the above mechanisms are with respect to the features that are supported by a browser that is executing the HTML code, and flash is used as a fallback option if the HTML 5 standard has not been implemented by the browser.

On my mobile device, opera and chrome are not able to play the sounds that are played on the websites of the javascript libraries as demos (ex- Midi.js and buzz.js).

So my questions are -

- In general - how does enyo process its html and what is the relation between an enyo app and a browser?
- Which is the processor/context under which an enyo app executes and processes its js/html when there is/isn't a browser installed on the mobile device?
- What is the level of implementation of the HTML 5 standard for this context?
- If my app depends on a browser on a mobile device for the implementation of features in html 5, will it be able to play sounds even if the installed browser cannot?
- Will this processing remain consistent across different devices?
- Finally, what can I expect if I use these libraries to implement my app in enyo - will I be able to produce the sound?

I realize that these are a lot of questions - so I'll thank you guys in advance for your time. :)



  • Enyo usually generates all the HTML of the application directly from JavaScript.

    You must have a browser engine to run Enyo apps. If you're not running in a true browser, you're using a container like PhoneGap, Chrome packaged apps, or Windows Store packaged apps.

    Enyo relies on some HTML 5 features, but should work on the older IE8 engine too.

    To have app capabilities beyond what the embedded browser provides, you'll need to write your own native extensions. PhoneGap supports this on Android and iOS. Enyo does nothing to help or hinder use of native plugins.

    It's only as consistent as you are able to make it. As of the 2.3 version in development, Enyo has a wrapper to generate an audio HTML tag, but previous versions had no specific code around sounds.
  • Thanks unwiredben.

    My enyo app is using the library midi.js (http://mudcu.be/midi-js/) to play a midi piece which works in desktop chrome but not the app on android. Is this due to limitations of the container (PhoneGap)? The library relies on WebAudio API or Flash depending on availability. So are these both not available to the executing enyo app?

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