Weird BB10 Issue

So I am at a loss for how to address the issue in the video referenced below. The BB10 Sim does not exhibit the issue.

This is an Enyo 2.2/Cordova 2.9 app that is in production on iOS and Android with no issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and a Big Thanks to FoulWeather for helping to test on his Z10 and for creating the video. I thought the BB10 reviewer was crazy LOL.


  • That's bizarre. It very much looks to me like a WebKit bug, possibly in how their code has interfaced with hardware acceleration. That's especially since it doesn't reproduce in the simulator, which might use a different render to screen path.

    You could try disabling hardware acceleration for panels... this is done by creating your panel arranger with accelerated set to false. If you're using top-of-tree enyo & layout, you can also have a preventAccelerate flag on the panel to opt-out on a panel-by-panel basis.
  • Thanks Ben will give it a go and let you know how it works.
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    OK ?, do I need to create a new panel arranger with accelerated set to false and then set the arrangerKind in my top level panel (appPanel) to it, or can i just say accelerated false in the top level panel? Right now I don't specify an arrangerKind but I believe it defaults to the CardArranger. I want to make sure I do it right since there probably isn't a good way to tell if it worked and turned it off.
    {kind: "Panels", name: "appPanels", classes: "panels enyo-fit", draggable: false, onTransitionFinish: "panelTransitionFinish", components: [
    	{kind: "introScreen", name: "introPanel", classes: "enyo-fit"},
    	{kind: "mainScreen", name: "mainPanel", classes: "enyo-fit"},
    	{kind: "altScreen", name: "altPanel", classes: "enyo-fit"},
    	{kind: "productScreen", name: "productPanel", classes: "enyo-fit"},
    	{kind: "orderScreen", name: "orderPanel", classes: "enyo-fit"}
  • To turn it off for all of the panels, you set it on the arranger (according to source, I haven't tested this), so you can make your own arranger that extends CardArranger and use it:
        name: "UnacceleratedCardArranger",
        kind: "enyo.CardArranger",
        accelerated: false
  • Thanks sugardave, will make a build tonight and and send it out and provide feedback.
  • Ok setting accel false made things worse so going to try the inverse and force accel true.
  • Ok setting accel to true made no change from the first time so :( guess BB10 will have to wait, maybe BB10.2 will have some fixes.
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