BB10 Device Tester

Would anyone with a Blackberry 10 device be willing to do some testing? The following is a screenshot from the app reviewer, but the simulator is not exhibiting the same behavior. Since I use panels to control the screen flow it looks as if they are all bleeding through.



  • Interesting. Are you setting a specific background color on the panel components? They are transparent by default, though you still shouldn't see the ones that aren't active. Maybe some weirdness with css on BB10 devices?
  • Could well be you don't have a background color set on the panel's components, I have seen that before. Not sure why it wouldn't show up in the simulator but there are differences between the device and the BB10 VMs.

    I have a BlackBerry Z10 so I can do some testing if you like, just message me.
  • what's the name of the app? Tried to search for "syntactix" on the BB world but it returned no results.
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