Creating an HTML "popup" or pane?

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I've tried adding HTML tags to a Popup kind and I get the raw HTML, and not the table I expected.

I'm trying to temporarily display a report as a table in a popup. I don't really want to create a new Pane, as the data will have changed before it is displayed again, and I don't want the user to be able to go back to the previous pane later.

Any suggestions?...........Phil


  • Are you adding a HTMLContent kind within the popup? This works for me. So, create the popup kind, and as a component, add the HTML content. Within the HTMLContent, include your html-formatted stuff.
  • In Enyo 1.0, kinds default to having any HTML in the content attribute escaped. Fix this in your control definition by adding the attribute 'allowHtml' set to true.
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  • Thanks. Using allowHTML: true didn't seem to work with the existing Control, but changing it to HtmlContent gave me what I wanted, provided I didn't specify components with content in the kind. Instead, without components, I've used setContent() to achieve the desired result.

    Now that I've got the Popup to work, I sometimes have to refresh the screen, as the Popup leaves a blank space when it closes. Will using refresh() on the main screen's VFlexBox work?

  • I've now realised that allowHtml: true was what I should have used, but HtmlContent works, so I'm sticking with that for now.

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