Toolbar spacer making IconButtons go invisible


I've got a pair of icon buttons, and a button which says edit on it.
When I try to put a spacer between the IconButtons it makes the icons go invisible.
Interestingly if I replace the IconButtons with normal text buttons, the text buttons show.
I've tested that the Iconbuttons render without the spacer.
I've also tested that there is actually something there.
{kind: "onyx.Toolbar", layoutKind:"FittableColumnsLayout", name: "footer", components: [
            {kind: "onyx.Button", name: "newLabel", src: "assets/LightPlus.png", content: "helo"},
            {kind: "onyx.Button", name: "findLabel", src: "assets/LightMagGlass.png", content: "helso"},
            {fit: true},    
            {kind: "onyx.Button", name: "editLabels", content: "Edit"}
Note: When the layout isn't set, the icons render however the spacer doesn't work properly.


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