How to use additional Enyo kinds in the Ares designer

I tried Ares 0.1.3 "Hello World" example and added a "WebService" kind as a component in the editor (because it is not configured in the Designer).
		{name: "myservice", kind: "WebService", url: "", cacheBust: false, 
		onResponse: "showResults", onError: "showErrors" } ,
		{kind: "onyx.Toolbar", content: "Hello World"},
Such code works ok for me.
But as soon as I use the Ares Designer these additional kinds get removed from my source code (without notice). This means I can not really use the Designer as soon as I use additional kinds.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug / a missing feature in Ares?


  • we're likely missing having WebService in the file. I'll file a bug here.
  • edited May 2013
    I did not check - but perhaps there are more Enyo / Onxy kinds missing in design file. I can file that bug too - or else please post the bug ID here. (@unwiredben - I think you are busy with other more important stuff - don't worry about this.)

    From your comment can I expect that every Enyo / Onxy kind should be in the design file too ?
    And if I add my additional kinds in some myLib then I should also provide an additional file for Ares? Is there some automation to extract kinds from a file to build an Ares design file?

    I really like it in Ares today that my own new kinds show up under "Custom kinds" ! :)
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