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I'm attempting to build an Enyo 2 app in Windows Phone 8 app container.

I got one up and running in Visual Studio Express 2012 with the "Windows Phone HTML5 App" template, but cannot seem to resolve how to hook up the hardware back button to the webview so I can intercept it and handle it in my app, rather than watching my app just exit. Attempts to handle it via the History API pushstate were also unsuccessful. Any good way to hook backbutton up in the default HTML5 Windows Phone 8 container?

Alternatively I attempted to get this running in a PhoneGap container. But currently PhoneGap 2.2 creates a Windows Phone 7.1 app, not a Windows Phone 8 one. This seems to have odd 'rubber band' of the window, and more importantly seems to force the viewport to 768x480 and I cant seem to get my 1280x768 app running scaled correctly, despite setting @-ms-viewport to those values.

I also attempted to use the rc1 of PhoneGap 2.3 (and also with HEAD from, but after successfully building, the app always immediately crashes on launch - both on Emulator and Device (Lumia 920).

Current instructions on how to get up and running in PhoneGap with Windows Phone also seem out of date:

This doc refers to "" -- which doest exist in the current 2.2 download from So I've used the "standalone" template and directly modified the manifest template.

And Building the Template intructs you to "Export Template ..." from Visual Studio -- but that feature doesnt exist in "Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone".



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    the instruction as in where to copy the file is confusing. The WP8 Ponegap project must be a Visual C# template. You cant export template in visual studio express only pro $$ version can do that. Forget about the export template part. Someone was kind enough to build a zip containing the template for express for us. in version 2.5

    Assuming you are using Phonegap 2.5 , the build template zip) MUST be copied to C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C# instead of C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Templates\. Just restart ide, the template should be there. (no need to unzip)
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