bootplate example app initiates 155 server requests...

I've recently become somewhat interested in this project - downloaded the bootplate app and rolled it up for testing:
I'm running an efficient but quasi-security minded custom web application framework that takes advantage of cache busting for static assets like javascripts and css. All .js files are grouped into a single resource [save perhaps one or two] then delivered to the client and cached for greater lengths of time to eliminate unnecessary server round trips...

The first thing I noticed was that for a simple "hello world" sort of app the amount of requests being made was unacceptable - even without having transmitted any serious application data.

Has any thought been given to consolidation, minification, compression, and cacheability? This would be a nightmare for our particular purposes - where conservation of server resources during spikes in usage can be a critical issue.

Is there an enyo-esque technique for asset consolidation that already in play that I should research and employ?


  • Enyo brings his own minification scripts, you can find some info on the Bootplate wiki page. Just search for "minify" or "deploy". Those scripts rely on nodejs, so you need it on your server if you want to minify your app on the fly.
  • woot - love node.js - that's a winner for sure. any thoughts on pre-rolled consolidation methodologies? I can write a process to handle that much perhaps, but it seems like this would certainly already have been addressed. 155 requests is a little high, I'd like to see grouping into 12 requests or so maximum for application code.
  • the enyo deploy scripts will combine everything referenced by your enyo.depends() calls into an app.js and app.css. That will include all libs (including onyx and layout) but not the enyo.js/css itself. If you wanted something more custom, you'd probably need to roll that yourself
  • Right -- we leave things as small files for ease of debugging, but don't expect you to actually deploy all the little parts.
  • excellent - super stoked on integrating this into our framework. Thanks for the insight.
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