Panorama and PivotMenu controls like Windows Phone

I've written a couple quick controls, Panorama and PivotMenu that ones provided in Windows Phone.

Panorama is a horizontal scrolling control with a header and background image that move with a parallax effect. Its used to great effect on many Windows Phone applications.

PivotMenu is the Windows Phone version of a "Tab Panel" control where selecting a tab header switches to the associated panel below. This versions allows you to slide between panels and wraps around as well. Panels also control a small title at the top.

If you've used Windows Phone you'll be familiar with them. Easier demoed than explained:



Both controls are written on top of Panels, similar to a wrapping LeftRightArranger.

One issue with both is that if you only provide two panels, when wrapping 'back' they appear to slide in the wrong direction, due to how LeftRightArrangers work by default, but otherwise work fairly well for the WP8 prototypes I've built.

They've also been submitted to the Enyo Gallery.

Feedback, fixes and pull requests welcome.


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