Anyone knows if Enyo 2 works with Firefox OS

Hello Folks,

In some days, I will join a Firefox OS Developer Day here in Brazil where we'll work on our own apps. I wonder if Enyo 2 works on Firefox OS. Anyone here has a clue? I tried the sampler on the homebrew Firefox OS emulator that is available on Firefox Add-ons. I think there are bugs in the emulator causing some touch errors but that is not related to Enyo 2. Do we have a little application or fiddle that is an automated test so that we could get some report on Firefox OS?

Any help is appreciated.



  • I haven't uncovered any Enyo-specific problems, but Jason Robitaille did and submitted some patches after the Jan 3-4 workshop, so be sure to develop with the latest.

    (My problems have been with installer bugs and not working.)
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    Firefox os uses gecko not WebKit as it's browser engine which mean there're bound to be problems.
  • Samarthwiz but Enyo 2 works well on my desktop Firefox and that is the same gecko renderer as the Firefox OS. I don't recall Enyo 2 being that dependent on webkit, anyone has more info?
  • Thanks reeder29, Just reached Jason on Twitter. He submit patches and it appears to be working well. I will try and post back my experience after the event :-D
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    Yes, but Firefox OS runs mobile Gecko which does have some issues, try the sampler in Aurora for android or Firefox is emulator
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