January 11-12th 2013: The BlackBerry 10 Community Port-A-Thon

BlackBerry Developer Relations is hosting Port-A-Thon to help developers get their applications on BlackBerry 10, with cash incentives and some great prizes. I'd love to see a bunch of great Enyo developers port their apps.

Here is the registration link and FAQ

A quick summary of the event:

• It’s a 36 hour online hackathon, starting at 12:00PM EST January 11th 2013 and ending at 11:59PM EST January 12th, 2013.
• For each new app that is approved we give you $100. Developers can do this up to a maximum of 20 apps.
• The first 200 developers who get between 5 and 10 apps approved will earn one BlackBerry Dev Alpha Device
• The first 10 developers who get more than 10 apps approved will earn one paid trip to BlackBerry Jam Europe, in Amsterdam.
• There will be random draws for other rewards as well.
• We will have subject matter experts online for the entire event. Developers who get stuck on anything can chat/skype/email/tweet with these experts for immediate feedback.
This event will provide developers with an excellent opportunity to “jump start” their apps into the BlackBerry 10 mobile ecosystem.

Example: A developer who has already produced up to 20 PhoneGap +Enyo apps, for iOS/Android/WP8/Other, can port them to BlackBerry 10 and potentially walk away with up to $2000.

As a reminder for anyone who is still “on the fence” about BlackBerry Web app development:
• BlackBerry 10 offers a truly World class Web platform for developers: Ringmark results, HTML5 support, performance results, remote web inspector, Ripple mobile emulator
• Enyo developers have many great BlackBerry development resources: Enyo to BlackBerry porting guide, Sample application and a web cast;
• There are 79 million existing BlackBerry users, many of them interested in downloading apps when they upgrade to BlackBerry 10 devices early next year.

Lastly, Enyo Apps have been very successful on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook. All are highly reviewed by users and some have appeared on CrackBerry. There are 2 success stories on Enyo developers who have ported to BlackBerry: JMTK, and Sven Ziegler

If you have any questions about this event, or other programs that we are running, please feel free to contact me any time.

Tim Windsor
BlackBerry Developer Relations


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