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edited December 2012 in Enyo 2

What is the best/recommended way of hiding the browser navigation bar with Enyo, which should works cross-platform (or at least Android + iOS) ?

The usual cross platform JS way (https://gist.github.com/1183357 aka http://24ways.org/2011/raising-the-bar-on-mobile/) do not work with enyo fit layout.



  • In my opinion this is a must have for a mobile webapp framework, isn't it ?
  • Well, I think this is just a hack. It's up to the browser to hide the address bar, just like webOS and BlackBerry do. You can add one of those scripts to your app if you like, but I do not think Enyo should do this out of the box.
  • my guess is that it doesn't work because enyo-fit relies on absolute positioning to fill the frame so there isn't anything to scroll. You might try setting the css bottom to -1px of the main kind (so there's a little to scroll) and running that script. Assuming that even works, you'd have to limit that script running on the affected platforms as it would look a bit odd on others (desktop for example).
  • Here's an example you can try. I added top:1px to my original suggestion so the top 1px wouldn't be cut off when you auto-scrolled it down. not sure if that's the best solution in your scenario or not

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