Blackberry Playbook, Phonegap, and Enyo

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I am working on getting my app to show up on the Playbook. I have the building part down, but I am running into errors with my kinds. I saw from @minego's PwdHash that the enyo kinds have to be referenced by enyo.HFlexBox instead of "HFlexBox". I am still running into issues though. It seems that I can not sub class from SlidingView. Anyone else have that issue? I get this error: enyo.kind: Attempt to subclass an 'undefined' kind. Check dependencies for [FavoritesPane].


  • I dont think using "HFlexBox" instead of enyo.HFlexBox causes Problems. I had the same impression when I tried to run my app as bundled Chrome app until I realized that the fact that my framework_config.js was missing somehow interfered with loading the framework. Do you have a framework_config.js?
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    I fixed the issue that I was having. In line 5799 of enyo-build.js: if (c.status != 404 && c.status != -1100 && c.responseText !== "") try {& to if (c && c.status != 404 && c.status != -1100 && c.responseText !== "") try {

    It was failing when trying to parse the non-existent app version of framework_config.json.

    @MaKleSoft Yes, that is, was the issue. Is it required?
  • i think on webOS, it just passes through if it doesn't find it, but on other systems, it seems to cause errors.
  • In a webworks app the framework_config.json is needed (or you can patch the code above). I had the exact same problem you are describing with PwdHash HD. The solution was just to put in a dummy framework_config.json.
  • I should also point out that PwdHash HD worked in chrome, and in the playbook browser without framework_config.json. It was just when packaged with webworks that I had the issue. It was hard to track down because the inspector on the playbook is finicky at best.
  • I should note that with OS 2.0. The performance of my app has greatly improved. Scrolling is much smoother now and performance in general is better.
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