Keeping up with the development as an outsider

Hi, I'm using Enyo a lot and because I needed a databinding I made a databinding:

Because I thought it would be a more general thing people needed I discussed on the irc in August then posted a message about it on the first of September on the Enyo Development Forum. There wasn't any discussion about it. I've been busy with work so I didn't have time to publish it on github until recently for the presentation about Enyo I gave in js-Montreal, where I used a presentation software written in Enyo using this databinding system.

Going through the announcement of 2.1, which I think was pretty cool, I saw that Enyo was going to have a data binding system. First I had seen about it. It seem to be a really big change in how Enyo applications are developed, which I'm not against but I still think there would be some kind of discussion about the changes.

For me Components are View, the functions that are with the Kind are the Control so the only thing missing is the Data. IMOHO. The good thing about that system is that contained, the components are swappable without much hassle and self contained. I don't see why would want to abstract it even more to implement MVC which I think works well on servers but not in the browser.

What I would love to see is at least announcements of what is being worked on, so some discussion can take place. I'm not really against these changes, it seems to be in a separate project like layout, but I don't really know enough about them. They seem very strange compared with the rest of the Enyo project like the Enyo.bindings.


  • There is some discussion on the enyo-development mailing list. That's been for talk about the architecture and future work, while the forums have been oriented around using it.
  • I can't find the discussion about it, I'm subscribed to the enyo-development mailing list. I've posted about what I was working on. I'm a little bit worried that Enyo is going to be tied in with _underscore and backbone, which seem to be the heart of the new changes.
  • I didn't mean to be unclear when I said Enyo Development Forum I meant enyo-development mailing list, I was going to say mailing list then I was thinking about it being a google group.
  • I'm really happy with the response and I'm glad that Enyo isn't a walled garden.
  • For anyone who's interested, here's a link to the discussion:!topic/enyo-development/XqC92CAl7qo

    Kevin Schaaf posted a nice overview of the approach we're taking. More info soon!

    Thanks, Olafur, for your active participation!
  • I'm very much interested in this data binding topic as my team has started using _underscore and backbone for web apps - and I my eyes the only missing piece is Enyo2.

    Gray, thanks for pointing to the Enyo-dev mailing list ! I'm registering ..
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