no constructor found for kind "FittableColumns"

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I'm having trouble getting started with Fittables and need help. I keep getting

no constructor found for kind "FittableColumns"

I included "enyo-fit" in my package.js - didn't help.

Here's the code.

    name: "NestedFittablesExample",
    kind: enyo.Control,
    layoutKind: "FittableColumnsLayout",
    components: [
        {content: "Top", allowHtml: true, classes: "outer-box"},
        {content: "Middle", allowHtml: true, classes: "outer-box"},
        {kind: "FittableColumns", fit: true, classes: "outer-box", components: [
            {content: "Left", classes: "inner-box"},
            {content: "Fits!", fit: true, classes: "inner-box"},
            {content: "Right", classes: "inner-box"}

var t = new NestedFittablesExample();


  • Did you include $lib/layout in your package.js?
  • Thanks! Is there a list of entries documented somewhere for package.js?
  • package.js just lists libraries and source files that your application needs. Since Fittable is part of the layout library, that's why you'd list it there. $lib/onyx, $lib/extra, and $lib/canvas are also common entries for the other main Enyo libraries, but if you added someone else's library to your lib folder, you could pull it in the same way.
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