enyo and dropbox.js? OAuth authentication question

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I'm new to this forum and relatively new to web developement, so please forgive me if this question is too stupid.
I created an enyo1 app (MySongBook on github) which reads xml songfiles from a local folder on a webos-device and display the songs with chords.
I'd like to port the app to enyo2 and would need a new crossplattform backend. I thought of Dropbox and found dropbox.js as a good start.

But I can't figure out how OAuth can be used in an enyo-app.
If i add the code from getting started (dropbox.js):
connect: function() {
    var client = new Dropbox.Client({
      key: "lpeVNiL3tbA=|x788bF+1BPiRNPVBsEVpNQMzzXxnRQvH+i19rNMJ+Q==", sandbox: true
    client.authDriver(new Dropbox.Drivers.Redirect({
      rememberUser: true
I get:
Not allowed to load local resource: ...
after allowing access on the dropbox side.

Could anybody point me in the right direction how to handle this the right way in enyo. (Or won't dropbox.js won't work in an enyo-app)?
A code example would be much appreciated.


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