Phonegap and Windows 8

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It looks like phonegap supports windows 8:

Does that mean enyo 2 should work if it's wrapped in phonegap?
& windows 8 has sqlite support..... finally.


  • We've not tested it yet. Since the browser engine for PhoneGap on Windows 8 is the Trident engine used in Internet Explorer 10, I assume you'll need to wait until we get the Microsoft touch event support implemented, then pull from the in-progress code on GitHub.
  • Is there any update on the IE10 touch support work for Enyo 2?

    I see there is an open ticket for this ENYO-1375 which indicates it may be in the next release - 2.1.1 -- is this release imminent?

    Is it worth reviewing the work in the ie10pointerevents branch on github?

    I'm looking to prototype a WP8 app and pull together some components that attempt to emulate the Panorama and Pivot menu controls, and considering where to start - both for IE10 touch support in Enyo, and if there is any good examples, similar to those controls to work from.
  • Yes, the ie10pointerevents pull on GitHub is the code we'll likely use. It doesn't yet produce the gesture events, but it does make all the controls usable. It will be merged in to main later today for release as 2.1.1 in the very near future.
  • Great news, I'll look for the merge and give it a go. Thanks!
  • Just did the merge. There are a couple of minor issues to clean up, but it should be functional from
  • Thanks much. Got touch working with Panels/LeftRightArranger on the WP8 emulator for a basic Enyo-Panorama control, and will try with a device later this week. Up next, Pivot menu. Thanks again.
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    For windows 8 apps what is the proper setup? Currently I am calling execUnsafeLocalFunction which works until it gets to my JsonpRequest and dies giving me APPHOST9601 -> can't load remote web content in local context. I added the url to the Content URIs but that had no effect. The app works great in IE10, the Jsonp calls fire without a hitch. I am stuck as to why it does not work

    Execution setup
     document.addEventListener("deviceready", function () {
                MSApp.execUnsafeLocalFunction(function () {
                    new confero.App().renderInto(document.body);

  • JSONP just won't work in Windows 8 apps, AFAIK. They don't allow loading of any external script files into the app context. You'll have to use ordinary AJAX requests there. The good news is that IE10 has good CORS support, so if your server handles those headers, you're in good shape.

    We've not yet qualified Enyo for Windows 8 apps, but that work is happening in the near future. I know we'll need to wrap a lot of innerHTML setting calls, but I've not looked into other issues yet other than reading materials from some developers that have done non-Enyo Win8 JS apps.
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