Is it possible to use a picker inside an item of a list

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I am having a few issues getting a picker to work when it is part of a list item:

The following kind is the beginnings of my list item:
The onyx.Picker only works when it is outside the list - so if I have the following:
  /// other stuff
  {name:"Firstitem", kind:"WidgetDisplay", onchange:"itemChanged", onRemove:"removeTap"} ,
        {kind:"List", name:"widgetList", fit:true, classes:"base-panel", multiSelect:false, onSetupItem:"setupItem", 	  components:[
            {name:"item", kind:"WidgetDisplay", onchange:"itemChanged", onRemove:"removeTap"}
   /// other stuff
.. then the picker in the item displayed above the list works fine but the pickers within the list do not respond to mouse clicks (i.e. do not show the drop down options). Can pickers be used from a list item? I know once I get the picker working i will have to program some kind of binding to a backing array otherwise I would lose the change when the item was re-rendered but my problem is the picker is not responding at all when clicked.



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