Picker menu of picker in popup sometimes shows up behind the popup, any way to fix it?

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I have an app with a popup and a number of pickers inside it and sometimes the picker-menu, which comes up when you click the picker, shows up behind the popup and sometimes also the scrim but also sometimes just works, I guess this is some sort of z-index issue, but shouldn't that be handled automatically?

I've made an online example here: http://jsfiddle.net/mdsdV/ , and the sure fire way to make it happen is to click the "Click me to show popup!", then click the scrim (black transparent background), then "Click me to show popup!" again and then click the picker below "Add" and the menu will show up behind the popup (tested this in Chromium).


  • Hmmm, I'm also seeing a behavior difference here between Firefox and Chrome -- in FF, clicking on the scrim doesn't dismiss the popup. I think that might be part of the problem.
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    this.owner.$.popups.$.alarmDefaultMinute.applyStyle("position", "absolute");
    this.owner.$.popups.$.alarmDefaultMinute.applyStyle("z-index", "9999");
    Every time the popup is shown seems to fix it.
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