Issue with enyo picker

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1) If picker drawer is in open state and we moved to other pane of the panel than it is not hiding(closing its drawer) , and Picker List will be visible through out the application at the same position. There is no way out except killing the application.

2) How can we change "active" property of the picker through other control, Like I have a picker with 10 items in it and I have left and right arrow button, On clicking right it will show next item in picker label and on left arrow click it will show previous item in picker label.


  • For question 1, I think you might need to hide() the picker explicitly before changing panels if you're doing something unusual. In my testing, it seems like the Picker always hides when I click outside of it, so I'm not clear on how you're having the panes switch out while the picker is active.

    For question 2, you can call setSelected() on the picker, but be aware that it expects you to pass it a reference to the control, rather than the index, so you'd need to keep track of the child controls of the picker yourself.

    Here's an example of one way to handle those issues:
  • Thanks mbessey for your reply, Picker example works for me, nice explanation, great job, but m still facing issues with first one.
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