On Tap Function for Dynamically Created FittableColumns

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I am having array of data that is shown in a Drawer control nested within a FittableColumns. I am using the onTap callback of the FittableColumns to open the drawer. The data is shown is retrieved from a web service which is then parsed and shown in the UI. This data happens to be a Array and for each element i have to create a FittableColumns with a drawer.

As i am creating this dynamically, how do i know which FittableColumns is clicked. Does the onTap callback give some argument using which i can get the index of the FittableColumns that is clicked\tapped.

If not how i can achieve the same.


  • If the fittable columns are ina repeater or list you would get an index when tapped. I have done this but then assigned a name also created dynamically as i create the component. Then when tapped you should get back the name of the component tapped in the event. Check the inEvent object in the console and you should see how it is identified.
  • Thanks strider73, realised that i could use the Repeater after posting this question. The issue is solved. Thanks a Lot of taking time and replying.. Appreciate it... :)
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