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Are there any plans to make Enyo play nicer with the Windows 8 Store? Windows 8 doesn't like certain things that Enyo does, mainly dynamic HTML generation (there are actually relatively simple ways to fix this as far as I have figured in messing around with an Enyo project in Visual Studio 12 on Windows 8). I'm sure there are other quirks but this is the main thing I encountered.

Windows 8 is going to be a big platform in my opinion, especially with how attractive devices like the MS Surface are probably looking to most consumers (unless I am an outlier, but I doubt it). This could be another opportunity to expand the reach of Enyo.


  • Part of what makes enyo great is it's ability to dynamically generate HTML on the fly without incurring huge performance costs (and even between different platforms).

    Is there anything specific that Windows 8 store complains about? I find it strange that they would invest in HTML5 and JS, but look down on one of the greatest features of both.
  • Yes, we've got plans to have Enyo work with Win 8 applications. One of the first pieces is the work I'm reviewing for Chrome App support in; after we get a version of that code in, we'll evaluate what other changes are needed for Windows 8.

    The big ares for Windows 8 look to be the same as for Chrome. No support for .write makes the loader a problem. No inline event handlers means we have to use calls to addEventHandler to hook up some events requires running JS code between inserting into the DOM and calling the rendered callback. There are static HTML methods that we'll use in place of setting innerHtml on those platforms.
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