PhoneGap, ChildBrowser within component, iOS, Enyo?

edited February 2012 in Enyo 1.0
I've implemented PhoneGap's ChildBrowser plugin and am using it in my Enyo application on iOS. When the ChildBrowser loads by default, it opens up as full screen. I'd like the ChildBrowser to show up as a component within my Enyo pane. Can this be done?


  • Not to my knowledge, no.
  • Thanks for your reply. I found someone who's solution is to put the childbrowser into a native popup, and then change the width and height of the popup. I didn't go beyond testing it - I think I'll try first with using the AjaxContent kind to load my URL, assuming I find out how to apply css to my URL content. Hopefully that will hold over until there is a way to use a WebView or until I find out how to do scrolling with Iframes...
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