Got a new Pixi! Happy again...too bad enyo apps don't work.

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After my franken-pre2 died I thought I had no choice so I moved over to Android. I went with an evo-shift and from the day I got it I wanted to throw it through a wall. Slow, unresponsive, awkward ui...terrible! I salvaged it a little with a different front end ui as the one that came with the phone (htc/sprint) was excruciating to use, but even that has slowed to a crawl lately....
What to do when you are still a year away from a free upgrade phone??? I noticed that original pixi's were going for $50 or so on ebay. I know there was a lot of complaints of pixi's speed and no wifi but what the hell...50 bucks!

OH MY GOD! I'm so happy again. What a great phone! I love the tiny size and the always available keyboard. Its speed is fine and runs rings around the much superior hardware of the Android Shift. I had forgotten how great webOS intuitive, so responsive, so slick.

My one gripe is the app catalog. I'm not a big app guy. There are only a few that I really want and need and webOS has versions of most of them but there are a few that I miss.

I see a lot of voids that could be filled and if enyo2 worked on webOS 1.4 I would fill some myself. I notice that webOS 1.# is not even mentioned on the list of supported platforms for Enyo2. I guess there is no way around it. I will have to wait for someone to hack Open webOS onto some existing device to get everything I want but in the mean time I have a fun and very usable phone again!


  • You could try to add compatibility for webOS 1.x yourself and add your contribution to the Enyo github, though it probably won't be easy.
  • If the team that built Enyo does not seem eager to tackle it I doubt I'm up to the task. I assume the web engine is just not updated enough...although I am surprised you can get reasonable compatibility in ie8 and not a 2 year old webkit based engine.

  • with webos 2.1 runing enio 1.0
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    Enyo 1.0 works on webOS 1.4.5. The updated Bing maps app uses it. Enyo 2 is not too fundamentally different from Enyo 1.0.

    So it's probably not impossible, but I'd imagine that other platforms like iOS/Android/Chrome and even webOS 3.x would take priority over webOS 1.x support.
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