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The entry at is a little bare. Especially with the press attention since the 2.0 launch, I think this could be updated a bit if anyone wanted to take that on.


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    Working on it now, check it out. I'm essentially basing the content off of Node.js's wikipedia page. Probably a good starting base, at least. Also I think the Community page on should include the IRC channel with a link to
  • thanks for the IRC suggestion... sorry I've not been on much lately, and I'll add that to the next revision of the site.
  • I'd like to see Enyo on this page too:
    But I don't know yet all the answers to these rows:
    Version compared
    Source language

    Feature detection[5]
    DOM wrapped[19]
    data retrieval
    JSON data retrieval
    Server pushdata retrieval
    Other data retrieval
    Drag and drop
    Simple visual effects
    Animation /
    advanced visual effects
    Event handling
    Back button support /
    history management
    Input formwidgets & validation

    Hierarchical Tree
    Rich text editor
    HTMLgeneration tools
    Widgets themeable / skinnable
    GUI resizable panels and modal dialogs
    GUI page layout
    Canvas support
    Mobile/tablet support (touch events)
    Accessibility /
    graceful degradation[121]
    ARIA compliant
    Developer tools, Visual design
    Offline storage[139]
    Cross-browser 2d Vector Graphics[144]
    Charting & Dashboard[149]

    Browser Support
    Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefox
  • Should the Enyo page also have a history and background of being on the Touchpad and etc.? I've never really watched the presentations by Ben and others for like cool tricks and info. I know there's a lot of information we could fill the Wikipedia page with.

    More information on the Wikipedia page is better than none. It will also make it look more.."important" I guess, if it has a lot of information and people who don't know about Enyo or are skeptical can have a lot of information and feel solid about it.
  • information about history and background of Enyo should be ok and welcome.
    Also a reference to Enyo1 and TouchPad is fine. But it should not be about the history of the TouchPad - that belongs on the TouchPad page.
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    I added Enyo to the tables on this page:
    I filled in few rows - but the feature cells are blank as of now.
    Please verify and help to fill the gaps. You can post the answer for the Enyo features here and I take it to wikipedia or just edit the page there.
  • I added an initial Enyo page in German language:
  • The Enyo icon picture was removed from the wikipedia (English/German) because "No license since 25 July 2012".
    For the German article there is a pending request to delete it because "Enyo" has no relevance. We need to provide more proofs of relevance. (German wikipedia is very very strict with their rules.)
    External/independent reviews of Enyo would help.
    Please help adding these or out hints here ...
  • there were articles on The Verge and Ars Technica around the 2.0 GA release that could be used to establish notability.
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    thanks - I just added both.
    Is there free picture of the Enyo icon ? Is is contained in the package?
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    Alas, the Enyo icon isn't under our open source license as it's considered an HP trademark. I keep hoping to be able to get time to provide a "press image" that can be used by people referring to us, but those need to go through corporate PR.
  • There were a number of edits at the Enyo column of this page

    I inserted "in progress" for the row "Developer tools, Visual design" as there already is some code released for Ares2.

    But there are still a few rows without content:
    Feature detection

    Server pushdata retrieval
    Other data retrieval
    Drag and drop

    Back button support / history management


    Rich text editor
    HTMLgeneration tools

    GUI page layout

    ARIA compliant

    Cross-browser 2d Vector Graphics
    Charting & Dashboard
    Not sure if some of this is covered with Enyo2 or if there are plans or not.
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