Help me test a simple Enyo 2 stop watch app

Hey folks,

I'm currently finishing up work on a simple stop watch app, and I need some testers to verify that I'm not including any nasty bugs or other oversights.

Currently, I am testing on iOS, but I am planning to port elsewhere so if you want to help out but do not have an iOS device, let me know what platform you'd like to see it on! This isn't an app that will be useful for everyone, but if you need to time something it's pretty handy. I designed and coded it when I tried to find a simple and beautiful stop watch app in the iOS App Store and failed.

Here's a screenshot of the basic app for the curious:

I'm particularly interested in hearing if it works well for people on older or lower-CPU iOS devices like iPod Touch and so forth. Theoretically, most of the functionality should work on anything back to iOS 3, but I can only test it back to iOS 4 at this point. I'm hoping to get the UDIDs for a few interested parties, and post the actual beta for download later today or tomorrow.


  • I'm happy to give feedback on apps!

    I really, really like using (iOS only). You can either invite folks via email, or set up a recruitment URL where anyone interested can sign up for your beta.

    The service is free, but if it's overkill for some reason you (and anyone else) can email me at [email protected] to set up something backchannel.
  • I've actually been testing out HockeyApp (which is similar to TestFlight). So far I've been accepting requests on a per-user basis, but if you would like to try HockeyApp's recruitment method you can do so here:

    I'm not sure how the recruitment works; so far I've been adding UDID's one by one to the project and signing it via Xcode, but I might be misunderstanding how signing an app for ad hoc distribution works. I'm pretty new to the whole process, and the ease of development on webOS has really spoiled me. :-)
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