Question about the logo.

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Hello! Congratulations on the open sourcing of Enyo and webOS! :)

I have a question about the beautiful Enyo logo. Are you going to release a SVG or vector version of it like the HTML5 logo?

Thanks in advance.


  • Thanks for the compliment. We really like how the logo turned out.

    At this time, we consider the logo to be trademarked material and it's not being released under an open license. You can do what you want with the code, but we want to control how the Enyo brand identity is used.
  • Okey! I guess there will not be any graphics material available then?
  • No, although we may release some "powered by Enyo" or other similar graphics that people can use to brand their work if they want. We're just going to control the design and use of those elements.
  • Okey thanks for your answers. :)
  • Is there a 16x16 icon we can use for branding with the text representation of EnyoJS inline? I'd be really awesome to have the logo at 16,32,64 & 128
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