Have huge content and needs step to publish like these Enyo Apps


Below are the couple of apps published the content via enyo

1. https://www.ryanwatkins.net/software/papermache/
2. https://touchtax.wordpress.com/
3. https://www.lwbcast.org/mobile/

The above apps are beautiful and seems it is being published with Enyo.

I am new to this and not sure how to publish the whole content as like above. Is there is any pre-build app is available where i can just modify the text content ? any steps to build like above ?

Also, can enyo apps can be made it as portable. example i would like to run it or take in a usb drive and run the app in any PC wherever i go.



  • Enyo is portable, as it is just JavaScript. But, you have to be (or have) a programmer to write the JavaScript to make applications work. You could pair up Enyo with something like Electron for packaging applications for PC.
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