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Hello, friends. I'm getting a lot of warnings like this:
"WARN enyo-dev/sort-stream: enyo <-> onyx"
When I "enyo pack". (2.7) does anyone know what it means?

It has happened a couple of times and the only thing I have figured out that works is starting a new project and moving my source files over to it.

If it helps, the first time it happened was when Windows update did a force shutdown on me in the middle of working on some of the files.


  • Hi Trex, you might try clearing the cache for enyo-dev. I'm not sure what went wrong, though. You can try the following flags:
     --clean --no-cache
    I assume you have not edited the enyo or onyx source at all?
  • Cleaning the cache and even manually deleting the cache file don't work. I have found out that I can recreate the problem by renaming the folder.
  • Which folder are you renaming? Can you provide steps for recreating the problem?
  • At the moment, this is enough to reproduce it: (Windows)

    E:\TestForRoy>md enyo E:\TestForRoy>cd enyo E:\TestForRoy\enyo>enyo init --template=onyx-app cloning enyo and checking out 2.7.0 cloning onyx and checking out 2.7.0 cloning layout and checking out 2.7.0 cloning enyo-ilib and checking out 2.7.0 E:\TestForRoy\enyo>enyo pack 16:26:31.905Z WARN enyo-dev/sort-stream: enyo <-> onyx 16:26:31.908Z WARN enyo-dev/sort-stream: enyo <-> layout 16:26:31.910Z WARN enyo-dev/sort-stream: onyx <-> enyo 16:26:31.911Z WARN enyo-dev/sort-stream: layout <-> enyo E:\TestForRoy\enyo>
  • Anyone have a solution for this? I'm still suffering from it constantly.
  • I have done an inplace update to
    to this: https://github.com/dominictarr/sort-stream
    And it seems to have solved the problem.
  • My last post was completely incorrect. It magically did allow me to enyo pack, but it was not the tool we were looking for.
  • okay, I figured out the problem is that my entire enyo project is in a folder named enyo. If I rename it to enyo2 (or almost anything else) it works.
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